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Looking for delicious soul food catering options? Look no further than Daiquiri Depot! Perfect for small to large groups.

May is full of celebrations – prom, graduation, Memorial Day, and whatnot. And what’s a celebration without good food, right? The perfect soul food catering option for any event is available at Daiquiri Depot, a soul food restaurant and daiquiri shop located in Arlington, Texas.

Soul Food Catering for Any Group, Any Occasion

No matter what you’re celebrating, Daiquiri Depot has got you covered with our extensive catering menu loaded with traditional soul food dishes, seafood, and more. From small groups to large, they have a variety of options to fit your needs. Let’s take a closer look at some of our soul food catering options.

Small Group Catering

If you’re looking to cater for a small group of 5-10 people, options like the Rib Tips (5 lbs) or Baked Chicken (12 leg Quarters) might be perfect. Both options are flavorful and filling and can serve approximately 5-7 people. If you want to add some sides, the half-pan of Homestyle Sides is a great choice. Order a whole cake to sweeten the deal. Get succulent soul food here.

Medium Group Catering

For a medium-sized group of 20-50 people, options like the Beef Tips & Rice (5 lbs) and a couple of trays of Stuffed Bell Peppers (8 peppers) might be a good fit. Both options are hearty and flavorful (check the servings; you may need to order duplicates). If you want to add some variety, the 50-piece Party Wing (up to 4 flavors) or the Catfish (20 pieces) are great additions. They are sure to be a hit with your guests. Order savory soul food here.

Large Group Catering

For a larger group of 50 or more, options like the Oxtails & Rice (10 lbs) and Chicken Spaghetti (5 lbs) or a couple of platters of Pork Chops (24 pieces each) and the 50-piece Shrimp might be a good fit. Both options are delicious and can serve a large number of people. Choose a few Homestyle Sides that everyone will enjoy and a couple of trays of cornbread. Don’t forget the crowd-pleasing peach cobbler (you’ll need more than one!). Find southern goodness here.

Ordering From Daiquiri Depot

Ordering from Daiquiri Depot is easy and convenient. You can place your order online and choose your preferred date and time for pickup. If you are ordering a large quantity, make sure you place your order well in advance. You can always call us to check when you’d need to place the order: 817-459-2696.

Make Your Event Special with Soul Food Catering

Your momentous occasions deserve to be celebrated in a special way, and Daiquiri Depot’s catering is the perfect way to do just that. Whether you’re celebrating a graduation, prom, Memorial Day, or any other special occasion, our catering options are sure to impress your guests.

So, make your event extra special with Daiquiri Depot’s soul food catering. Place your order online, and let us take care of the soul food cooking while you enjoy the celebration with your loved ones.

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By Leslie Radford

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