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Score Big: Epic Catering for Your NFL Game Day Party

Score a culinary touchdown this NFL season with Daiquiri Depot’s game-day catering. Savor soulful dishes and cool drinks for an epic feast!

Football season is here! As the excitement of the 2023 NFL season sets in, the buzz around the perfect game-day party follows suit. Fear not, Daiquiri Depot in Arlington, Texas, is here to tackle your game day catering needs.

Kickoff with Our Finger-licking Starters

Kick off your big game party with our smoky Rib Tips or our golden, crispy Whole Wings. And why stop there? Our 50PC Party Wings, tossed in your choice of up to four flavors, make for the perfect game-day nibble.

Catering to Halftime Heroes: Our Mouthwatering Mains

As the game heats up, so does our menu. Feast on our succulent Oxtails & Rice, or opt for our Grilled or Fried Pork Chops, a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Our juicy Baked Chicken and flavorful Beef Tips & Rice are also strong contenders for the most valuable dish.

Fancy a bit of seafood? Try our Grilled Tilapia or Catfish, seasoned and cooked to perfection. And for a truly unique treat, don’t overlook our Stuffed Bell Peppers, brimming with cheese and dirty rice.

Go Big in the Final Quarter with Our Delicious Desserts

Score a touchdown in the dessert department with our irresistible Whole Cake or Cheesecake, delivering sweet victories in every slice. Trust us, they’re the perfect finishing touch to your game day spread.

Drinks That Deserve a Toast

Quench your thirst with our Gallon Drinks, available in your choice of Kool-Aid, lemonade, or brewed sweet tea. They’re the perfect companions to our soulful dishes, ensuring your game day feast is complete.

Tackle Your Game Day with Daiquiri Depot Catering

A good offense knows the importance of diversity, and our catering menu has plenty more to offer. From our juicy Meatloaf that tackles hunger with its rich, comforting flavors to our Chicken Spaghetti, a dish that zigzags between creamy pasta and tender chicken, we’ve covered all bases. Our Pig Feet and Shrimp are unique yet completely satisfying, like the perfect pass-and-catch combo. 

The Homestyle Sides, from Mac n’ Cheese to Collard Greens, offer support like a strong defensive line, ensuring your feast is balanced and fulfilling. Last but not least, let’s not forget our fresh Rolls and Cornbread, adding a comforting touchdown to every play on our menu. 

Truly, with Daiquiri Depot’s catering services, your game-day spread goes beyond just a touchdown – it’s a full-on feast worthy of the Super Bowl!

Pre-Order: Game-Day Catering

When it comes to game day catering, Daiquiri Depot, your local soul food restaurant, delivers the whole nine yards. With a roster full of comforting, flavorful dishes, we make sure your NFL party is one for the books. So, get ready to don your jerseys, cheer on your favorite team, and indulge in our hearty fare. With us on your team, every game day is a culinary victory.

Let’s score big with Daiquiri Depot this NFL season!

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By Leslie Radford
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