party wings with sauce

Score Big: Epic Catering for Your NFL Game Day Party

Score Big: Epic Catering for Your NFL Game Day Party Score a culinary touchdown this NFL season with Daiquiri Depot’s game-day catering. Savor soulful dishes and cool drinks for an epic feast! Football season is here! As the excitement of the 2023 NFL season sets in, the buzz around the perfect game-day party follows suit.

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fried catfish with french fries and sauces

Hooked on Flavor: Reeling in National Catfish Month

Hooked on Flavor: Reeling in National Catfish Month Get hooked on Daiquiri Depot’s irresistible catfish creations this National Catfish Month! Savor soulful delights, and chill with our daiquiris. As we wave goodbye to July, August ushers in not only sweltering Texas heat but also a culinary delight close to our hearts – National Catfish Month.

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bartender handing bar patron frozen daiquiri
Culture, Daiquiri

Daring Daiquiri: The Cocktail That Influenced Culture

Daring Daiquiri: The Cocktail That Influenced Culture Explore the impact of the daiquiri on art, music, and literature. Discover how this tropical cocktail revolutionized cultural landscapes. The daiquiri has become an iconic cocktail, loved and enjoyed around the world. But did you know that this drink has had a significant impact on art, music, and

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soul food: oxtail plate from Daiquiri Depot
Soul Food

Authentic Soul Food Dishes That Will Make You Drool

Soul food is not just about satisfying hunger, it’s about satisfying the soul – with each bite of Southern goodness, you’re transported to a place of comfort If you’re looking for an authentic soul food restaurant in Arlington, TX, look no further than Daiquiri Depot. This local gem serves up some of the most delicious

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New Study Suggests Eating Fish May Make Kids Smarter

Want to improve your brain function? Eat more fish! A recent study shows the effects of consuming fish on cognitive development in children. It’s no secret that eating fish is good for you. But, research suggests that eating fish could also be beneficial to your brain. Here’s a look at a recent study showing the

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Fat Tuesday: Mardi Gras king cake with baby and beads

 Fat Tuesday: The Ultimate Celebration Of Fun And Indulgence

Fat Tuesday is celebrated with huge parties, elaborate parades, and all-night celebrations in cities around the world Mardi Gras (French for “Fat Tuesday”) is the ultimate celebration of fun and indulgence – a day to let loose, party hard and feast on all the rich treats you can imagine. Fat Tuesday is the day before

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frozen strawberry daiquiri for party

The Best Daiquiris For A Party

If you’re looking for a fun and festive way to entertain at home, why not try hosting your own happy hour? Daiquiris are the perfect party drink, and with Daiquiri Depot, they’re easy to order! Are you looking for the perfect drink to serve at your next party? Look no further than the daiquiri! This

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